take me to her
Wednesday, November 26th, 2008 - 11:25 am
Category: Poetry

Gazing out across the sea, it’s her I long to see.
Carry my letter, dear wind, as I whisper it in the breeze.
Carry my dreams, dear stars, as I gaze at you through the trees.
In the night I awake to the full moon,
Sweet gentle grass wrapped around me and against my back.
I’m undressed to the world, but her cool silver light gives me warmth.
Is this heaven or am I dreaming?

Dear moon where is she, she’s where I long to be.
I keep my faith close, I keep my heart closer,
In the night I look through open the shutters,
and dancing in the grass in the moonlight I see her.
Tomorrow won’t be any easier or harder that yesterday,
but in every cloud and every star I see her face every day.

It’s been so many long years since we left back then,
Taken along the way, you didn’t make it to our destination.
I don’t know where you’re sleeping, but I long to see you again.
Dear waters of the ocean, carry my heart to her please,
I gave soul to her then, but today I give my body to the seas.
Please, dissolve this shell, so I can find my sweet release,
to be with her once again, to be once again in heaven.

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