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Tuesday, December 2nd, 2008 - 6:42 pm
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I suppose it’s semi typical around this time of year for me to get all screwed up.

Since I have some food issues, and it’s the time of year when there is all sorts of yummy food..
Symptoms: tired, moody, jittery, and loss of appetite, all of which conspire to make each other worse.

I track my current malady back to last Saturday (Nov 22). Friday was my first day off medicine from having a nasty infection in my knee. So went out had a couple drinks.. didn’t get much sleep that night due to a morning emergency.. but I that wasn’t really so much an issue. That night though.. started the holiday feasting.. and all sorts of delicious things full of stuff my body doesn’t deal well with. Tried to spend Sunday recovering a bit.. actually I don’t remember what I did, probably not much.

To start off, we were operating short handed in the office all week. But in my after work hours: Monday I decided to start getting things done.. so I was up late with working, cooking, cleaning, grocery shopping etc. Tuesday.. more of the same.. up late working etc. Made a semi-delirious midnight phone call to confirm Wed night plans (for which I cooked Monday). Wed left work early (after a pretty helacious day) spent 2+ hrs fighting traffic, then had a lovely, if simple, Thanksgiving Eve.

Then came Thanksgiving.. yeah.. you know.. I can’t help myself. Had a couple pies.. a few holiday drinks.. nothing of which really fits within my dietary reach.

Friday, this is where the real brilliance settled in. Woke up at 7ish… worked on cleaning, getting jerseys done, working on some website stuff.. but you know.. not really so much with the eating and all… until 7am Saturday. So, maybe not the best idea ever, but I really really wanted to get things done.

Saturday I woke up at 10.. yup, 3 hours sleep after a heavy 24 hour day of work.. I had intended on resting, but really, I couldn’t stand looking at this place so I went straight back to cleaning. Finally at around 8 I got a call to go out.. had some of my friend’s left overs, went home.. was asleep by 11. Good work stupid, you needed that.

Got a decent night sleep, so Sunday I decided it was take it easy day. Tried not to do too much, finally got my brother to go get some dinner with me. Went back to the rents’ place and shared a really nice single malt with him. Picked up a guitar in a strange tuning and started poking around. Finally went home.. then I decided I needed to do some recording! So I did. :) (see previous post for that) Ended up being up pretty late that night mostly because I was starting to feel pretty crappy.

Monday was an average work day.. I was kinda glad to be there just because it wasn’t my apartment. Monday night though all of the lack of sleep and eating poorly finally got to the point I couldn’t ignore it. Went to sleep early.. but then woke up an hour later before being up late again because I was feeling crappy and couldn’t sleep.

Tuesday (today) woke up after what ended up being a semi passable amount of sleep and felt much better. By noon though I was really feeling run down again. Now it’s dinner time.. the more disturbing physical issues have mostly passed. But still feeling run down. I was going to go out with a friend, but I think I’ll be smart, get some rest, and hopefully be recovered in the morning.

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