Day 358
Tuesday, March 31st, 2009 - 9:43 am
Category: Prose

Day 358:
It’s been nearly a year since we first exchanged fire. There’s been truce talks several times, but here on the front that talk has little value. And how could it? Every time there’s been truce talks, the fighting just picked right up again even more intensely than before.

We’ve been pinned in the trenches since just after the onset of winter. The first month was the hardest. Not that it was particularly cold, but communications were cut off and we were isolated with nothing but what we brought. We’ve managed to get some messages through, and spirits are up. Consensus seems to be that nobody cares who wins any more, if they ever did. Everyone just wants this war to be over so we can all be home again, where ever that may be.

The guys on the other side don’t seem to be in much better shape. Of course we have no idea how much contact they have with command. But they’re buried six feet deep with out a casket just like we are.

They are so damn stubborn they refuse to even call this a war. They keep calling it a skirmish, an engagement, anything but what it is. We’ve been killing each other for a year now, it’s a damn war.

Since we’ve been stuck here, waiting out the winter, not much has happened. We’ve exchanged some light fire a few times. Beck and Angelo don’t seem long for the world, hopefully they’ll make it long enough get to hear the word “peace” from a pretty nurse back home.

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