Chapter 0: Awaken
Thursday, August 13th, 2009 - 9:00 am
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“Who do you serve?”

Suddenly a splash of light fills my eyes. My head feels like a thousand chains are trying to pull it through the earth.”

“Who do you serve?!”

I’m not sure where I am. There seems to be someone near by. I need to collect myself. Am I awake? Does he know where I am?

“Who do you serve, mortal?”

I feel a sharp pain in my side. A broken rib? I don’t seem to be among friends.

“Mortal, this is the last time I will ask you. Who do you serve?”

“What, who? I don’t serve… ”

I’m delivered another kick to the ribs. I can now see the blue in the sky, it looks to be smeared with the black of smoke. The air stings. I must be on a battle field. This massive shadow in front of me must be my assailant. I’m not sure what is going on, but this may be the end.

“Silence! Mortal, you will answer me with the name of your god and pray that Feistos delivers you to him and not cast you to oblivion. Now, who do you serve.”

“I serve no one.”

As I open my mouth I feel the rush of the blood. Tensed muscles. The song of the heavy blade of an axe cutting the wind, crashing towards me.

My body moves on it’s own. I don’t have time to think: my mind is searing. My hand finds an old friend as my fingers embrace the hilt of my blade. A swift twist and heave, I’m on my feet. His axe finds nothing but earth. I’m sorry, Mother. I lunge. By the time he realizes he has missed, my blade has found his throat. I’m sorry, Mother, for tainting you with his blood.

My hope was that I had just decided the outcome of this battle. As my eyes clear and the adrenaline snaps my mind into alertness I find myself in an indescribable landscape. The earth itself is scorched. This may have been a village yesterday, but now it’s cinder and rubble and I am surrounded by the blackened and bloodied faces of an unknown enemy. This is not my best day ever.

[to be continued]

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