The Zest of the Conquest
Friday, September 4th, 2009 - 10:26 am
Category: Poetry

This is just a test, we’re separating the best from the rest. Though this I’ll confess: it’s just another chore I detest.

Who’s cleaning up this mess? After we’ve created such unrest.. Maybe it’s just that we’re depressed, you know we are certainly not blessed.

Your insight has left me undressed. Though maybe you just guessed. It’s something I keep close to the vest, but I’d have told you anyway if you pressed.

Why don’t we question this quest? It’s obviously only in jest that we pretend to care any less than taking a baby from his mother’s breast.

I challenge you in this question I press, or maybe just a thought I bequest, should we find a home and nest or should we push on to the west?

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