Neo-conservitavism and the “News”
Tuesday, September 15th, 2009 - 11:47 am
Category: Social Commentary

These blind masses need to realize that they are viewed no different on the other side of the globe than they view Taliban, Hezbollah, etc.

This is the frightening aspect of belief and zealotry over the facts and progress. Clinging to the tails of the fear mongering magnates, consuming their tainted fruit, withering and dying from it, and begging for more. These people are committing suicide every day while looking to the pundits as the voices of the gods. Rather than observing their actions, they hear only the song: artfully woven with promises and horrors, played on instruments strung with our emaciated souls, and sung by the castrated masses.

These fabrications are “reported” on by “news” outlets who claim only to be reporting what has been said. Relaying lies without rebuke is not journalism, it’s gossip. Journalism reports that a talking head has spoken, however, investigation has born the truth, and a presentation of the facts is made. A news agency is responsible for more than just publishing press releases. We’ve allowed these corporations to serve their agenda under slogans like “fair and balanced,” while truly being little more than an advertising agency with little more purpose than serving the agenda of lobbyists and political parties. Fear mongering to brainwash the masses while pushing the notion that preaching a message of peace and acceptance is an attempt to brainwash the masses.

These men and women who claim to be of christian roots, and yet in nearly every action they commit, they commit nothing less than heresy and blasphemy against their most sacred of tomes, the bible, purportedly containing the words they would have all believe to have come as the voice of their one true god. If no other cause of Obama’s camp, is not universal health care in the truest and most righteous spirit of Christ, their savior? Yet this has somehow become the great rally and call.

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