All Winter’s Eve Chapter 1:3 The Road Home
Saturday, December 26th, 2009 - 5:58 pm
Category: All Winter's Eve

The station is empty. I guess out here on the Periphery they don’t get many trains. I probably should have written Sis before I came. Mom and Dad died almost 4 months before I heard about it. We usually don’t get post on the front. But with Mom and Dad.. I guess since I’m the head of the family now they made an exception.

I hope I’m headed in the right direction. It’s been like walking through a dream since leaving from the Capitol. Just faces streaming by, a wind of colors blowing past me. But here I am, stopping in middle of the road to write in my journal. I never really wrote in a journal before. Maybe in some way I hope to find answers, but I’m not really sure what the questions are.

It really is beautiful here. A golden pasture waving in the wind rimmed with mountains like I’ve never seen except maybe in the Desert Kingdoms. Those were blood red though. These mountains stand as proud, powerful, purple monuments to their own majesty. Just gazing at them makes me want to straighten my back and stand tall.

I can’t see anything but I think I just heard a whistle and clatter in the distance. It can’t be a train though, not out here. And the pitch was.. I think.. it’s a wagon! I’ve never seen such a contraption. Hopefully this kind soul knows my family and can tell me which way is home.

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