As the Curtains Close
Saturday, February 20th, 2010 - 4:14 am
Category: Prose

I don’t normally think of myself as being sentimental, but this night brings it all back. The light of the moon plays the strings of my memory like a virtuoso. The mist lining the streets with an audience for the orchestra of stars in the sky. The wind blows, it’s a roar of applause. Shapes form and melt back to nothing like faces catching an instance of stage light. The curtain has risen. My performance has already begun.

I feel the rush of excitement flow through me. The entire world, wrapped in sleep, is suddenly alive and awake with feeling. It’s all my stage. The oceans are no longer filled with water, but the walls of my cathedral. The mountains merely balconies. The birds ushers helping the young clouds to their seats.

My body.. my soul it’s alive, bursting with life. I feel my own radiance. It’s blinding. My body has lost all of it’s weight. If I wanted to I could fly to the moon. In honor of this great moment the moon comes down to greet me and bows. The very earth trembles with excitement!

Then the cold sting.

It comes before the sound. Or was that just the echo?

My arm has gone lifeless and fallen. There’s a clatter.

The stage has suddenly become so large. The lights are flashing. The music has become a chaotic discord. The sky recedes before me. The stars, they’ve become so distant. I can no longer touch the clouds.

Where are you all going? Don’t leave me.

The air.. it hurts when I try to breath.

My stage! What have you done to my stage?

Don’t leave me.

I hear the echo repeat, and repeat again. I’ve fallen to my knees. My strength is leaving me. There’s so much light. There’s so much noise.

My symphony has been replaced with the voice of hell.

Before the curtains close, please, please let me tell her I love her one last time!

My mouth is open, but I can’t produce a sound. The curtain is closing. Please! Let me..

she’s here. She’s here to take me. She’s here to see me away. Yes, my love, I’ll come with you. I don’t know how I got into this mess, but it seems it’s over now. Thank you. Thank you for loving me. Let us watch the curtain close together.

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