November 9th, 2008
Election Reaction

It’s been an indescribable feeling. Suddenly the disenfranchised have a voice. Suddenly the place you were afraid to admit you were ashamed to be associated with has given you a reason to feel proud. Messages of Hope and Change prevailed over messages of Hate and Conformity. A vision for a nation that will lead the world as an example of human rights and compassion, rather than rule the world and adopt cold war policies. A nation where Education and Health take precedence over Greed and Politics.

We’ve proved to the world that the people of this nation are more than what their government has represented. We’ve shown that we can see beyond invisible lines and meaningless “differences.” We’ve demonstrated that we value VALUES over wealth in that voters making over $200k, who will be taxed the most heavily voted for the candidate that made no pretense of this. Sectors of the population who have long remained cynical and would not raise their own voice, have found a voice that has finally inspired them to speak. And on Nov 4, they did.

I openly wept.  I look forward to the next 4 years.  The job isn’t done, our voices must still be heard.  The next administration faces unprecedented difficulties.  It is only by our support that true progress can yet be achieved.  Things cannot be fixed over night, but we can dream, and we can work towards those dreams.

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